Thursday, September 17, 2009

Permanent Tattoo Removal

As many as 20% of people who get a tattoo end up wishing they had not and search for a method of permanent tattoo removal. Many people feel, as life changes, the tattoo does not fit their lifestyle any longer. They often got it at a young age when their ideas were quite different.

Often, a major life event, such as graduating college and starting a professional career, getting married, having children, or experiencing divorce, can change the way someone feels about their tattoos. It is not unusual to feel this way, and thankfully their are options available to you, the most common being visits with a doctor who can perform permanent tattoo removal with lasers or excision. There is also in home treatments which can fade the area, which can work well for a small hidden tattoo.

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  1. The skin serves as a useful tattoo removal cream on which to portray statements of individuality, sexuality, boelonging, machismo, frustration, boredom, and anger. However, the quest for identity by teenagers often becomes irrelevant or embarrassing by age 40 years, and 50% or more of individuals later regret their tattoos.